Some Pacifica Music Student Performances! 

* If you have video of a band performance that you'd like to share, please email a link to and we may add it to the playlist! Thank you!

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To view video from the January Jazz 4 pm matinee, click on the picture below.

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 Band Night at Terra Nova High School,  Oct. 17, 2014


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Playlist for:    Ingrid B. Lacy and Ocean Shore Bands

Playlist for:   Cabrillo and Vallemar Bands

Playlist for: Terra Nova H.S. Band

* Music Matters in Pacifica does not financially support Terra Nova High School Band. However, the vast majority of Terra Nova Band members are graduates of Pacifica School District middle schools.  The musical talent and teamwork continues from our PSD schools, into Terra Nova Band. Terra Nova Band has been our special guest and played at January Jazz each year.